Winter- we’re out of here…My, our – dream of a co sewing space –

Hello I’m Min-(Wh)a, I’m a fashion designer and I have my own label ManduTrap for 10 years. As a freelance designer, your label is more than just your profession. It is for you, like a baby, you have to care for .

About 1.5 years ago I took a little break of 6 weeks. I thought I needed a break from my work to get new ideas. I flew to Bali and after a few days I realized that I was jealous of the “digital nomads” who worked with their small laptops in the most beautiful co working spaces and in between they took a yoga lesson, went for a walk by the sea or learned to surf. I had a wonderful time, but  I heard this soft voice saying again and again:

“working a few hours now in this beautiful atmosphere, that would be perfect.” But without a drawing table, without a sewing machine, without a cutting table, how can you do that?!

At the end of the holiday I had so many ideas that I was afraid to forget everything when I just sat at my sewing machine again.

I asked myself, why are there only co-working spaces for the digital designer world in the best places of the world, not for us fashion designers?

“I also want to work where others go on holiday without having to leave the country completely. Above all, I no longer want this terrible winter in Berlin. And besides, isn’t it much better and more interesting to exchange ideas with other designers???

Yes, yes, yes!!!!!”

The dream of the co sewing space in the sun by the sea was born.

co sewing space

And now we’re doing the whole thing. The aim is to create a place where all designers have the opportunity to work on professional industrial sewing machines. There are different sewing machines for all needs. Large cutting tables with special cutting machines. Ironing systems, dummies and computer workstations. And if you want to produce your collection, you can order it next door in the production. Of course, everything is produced there under fair conditions. In doing so, we also pay attention to work as resource-friendly as possible to protect our nature.

Designers can network, support and exchange with each other.

There will be workshops on various topics such as, sustainable design techniques, digital editing, marketing and social media, corporate management and and and…

There will also be a “feel good” program with sports, meditation, breathing classes and especially good food! Doesn’t that sound good?

Then join us and become part of our sewing harbor crew so that our kickstarter campaign, which sets sail in October, sets sail at full speed ahead!

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