10 questions to Mina

How did you come to sustainable fashion?

Already during my studies it was clear to me that I could not go the way that was “normal” at that time. Wasting resources without end and walking over corpses, just as the well-known image of fashion designer was to us. When I did an internship in a big fashion company, I became even more aware of the degree of exploitation of people in Southeast Asia and the exploitation and desecration of nature through fashion. Shouldn’t fashion be something beautiful? That’s not how I wanted to pursue this profession! With ManduTrap I wanted to do everything differently and show that the easy way is by no means the good way.


What’s your favorite garment?

The culotte, some kind of pantskirt for the summer and I love dresses. You don’t have to combine anything and are perfectly dressed with a piece of clothing.


Who or what inspires you?

Other countries and cultures. I love to walk through markets and go to the supermarket during my holidays. I also find the folkloric costumes of the different countries very interesting and inspiring. Music and books that take you wherever you are to other times and moods. And of course the most inspiring thing in the world is nature! The colours and shapes you find here are the origin of everything. Especially the underwater world has done it to me.


Which country fascinates you?

Every country and every culture has its charm and many interesting stories to tell. I am really fascinated by all of them and would love to visit them all.


If you were rich, what would you do?

“rich” is of course a very subjective term. But let’s say my family is provided for and my projects too.
Then I would completely change the fashion world, invest in new research into sustainable materials. Provide medical assistance to people who have suffered as a result of work in fashion production, handling toxic substances or accidents. Support their families.

Initiating and supporting environmental projects, helping animals and and and and. I think that list would be endless!

Your life in three pictures …

me in the 80s 🙂 with my big sister and our friend Dörte.

my other home, Korea, also has a great significance! <3 my Love


Damar and I at work;)


What makes you happy?


Food, especially spicy Korean food from my mama. My family and friends. The sea and nature. Travel, a good book, nice music, nice conversations and animals!


What are your dreams?


Right now, my dream is that we can make the sewing harbor project a reality. Through a successful kickstarter campaign in the fall. That we create a wonderful community through sewing harbor. And that we can help the people in the impoverished region with our production and thus create new perspectives.

I also want people’s fashion awareness to change, of course, so that the big fashion companies change their thinking and no longer go down this exploitative path.

And of course I want to continue to be successful with my fashion label ManduTrap and reach many people. For everyone to understand that fashion does not have to be created at the expense of people, nature and animals.

One thing I want for my personal life is a lot of pets. Sounds a bit weird and you immediately see the picture of the “crazy cat lady” in front of your eyes. I already have one cat, but you can never have enough. I also need a donkey, a turtle and an alpaca in my animal family. And, of course, two to five each, so no one is lonely.


What gives you strength and peace?


That brings us back to my cat.

Besides, I find it all by the sea.


What is the soundtrack of your life? 

After putting together a list of over 40 bands and songs for an hour here, I think I have to shorten the whole thing…

I love music and have always listened to a lot of music, my collection goes from Rage against the machine, Moloko, Fat Boy Slim, Björk and Radiohead to Erlend Oye, to Trentemoller, Monolink, Alt-J and Agnes Obel. I also love film and series soundtracks such as “True Detectives” or the “Frida Kahlo” film.
(Laughs) What does that say about me…???



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